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Tax free shopping made easy

Shop tax free at our partner stores

Shop tax free in our partner stores and get your tax free voucher at the point of sale. Track your voucher and speed up your tax free shopping by downloading our easy2tax Tourist App from the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Get a customs stamp

When leaving the european union, make sure to get your easy2tax voucher stamped at the customs. For the customs stamp you need your original shop receipt as well as the declared goods.If you travel via Vienna International Airport, you get a fully digital customs stamp.

Send us your voucher and original shop receipt

Send us your easy2tax voucher and original shop receipt by using our easy2tax envelope or by uploading at
You can drop the envelope in every post-box worldwide, furthermore you do not need a post stamp on our easy2tax envelope as everything is prepaid by us.

Get your tax refund in your home currency

You will receive your tax refund, already converted in your home currency, on your provided bank account, credit card, or Alipay account. No additional fees in the process of money exchange are added.

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